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Aura is a high-quality Oldschool Runescape private server which gives you a high quality, fast-paced version of the game. We offer you every possible skill, countless minigames, an active wilderness and difficult yet rewarding bosses like Theatre of Blood, all with a delightful and simplistic user interface. You can improve your PvP skills with fighting PK bots or another players at wilderness or join tournaments and become champion! Jump into the adventure!

Update 2.3

1.Added launcher feature to client, whenever we want the client check for new cache update.

2.Removed auto download cache everytime

3.Fixed aura boss name

4.Fixed home banks (cache sided)

5.Fixed aura boss level, name.

6.Added aura boss drops

7.Skillzone to Home

8.Switch position of Tournament NPCs and Cup

9.Fix Altar at home

10.Aura Boss drops loot for everyone

11.Players on same ip don't get loot

12.Added aura boss teleport command (::auraboss)

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